Best Tracking Websites of COVID-19 in USA

Coronavirus is an infectious disease which is caused by a new virus. Its initial symptoms are the same as that of the flu. These symptoms include fever, cough, and irritation in its respiratory system. To protect yourself you have to keep a minimum 1-meter distance from the affected people, wash hands for more than 20 seconds and to avoid touching your nose and mouth. 

The USA is on the top of the list of those countries which are heavily affected by this virus. There are more than 488,589 total cases and 18,000 deaths due to coronavirus. If you are interested then you can find all the latest figures and statistics online.

In this article, we will make a list of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in the USA.

  1. New York’s Time
  2. Worldometers
  3. Coronavirus Dashboard
  4. 91-DIVOC
  5. John Hopkins University Dashboard
  6. Track Corona

New York’s Time

New York’s Time is an American website and comes in the list of best tracking websites of COVID-19 in the USA. This site provides free access to the most latest updates on the outbreak pandemic of Coronavirus.

This site provides all the necessary data to its readers so that they can stay aware of the latest conditions. This website requires registration, where you have to provide your real email address and some personal details. After the registration process, you can get all the latest news regarding this virus-free.


Worldometers is one of the best tracking websites if COVID-19 in the USA. This website provides a correct figure of the coronavirus infected people from country to country. Let’s have a look at the figures provided by the worldometers.

According to the table by worldometers as shown above, the USA is on the top of the list of infected countries. Currently the statistics are: 488,589 total cases, 20,023 new cases, 17,987 total deaths and 26,163 total recoveries. 

Worldometers also provides data like Active Cases, Serious Cases and Total Cases per 1 million population. It provides all necessary data regarding the current situation of the world. 


By controlling the spread of coronavirus, we can also reduce the loads on our hospitals. 91-DIVOC is the best tracking website of COVID-19 in the USA. The University of Illinois has created this website to compare the coronavirus cases in the USA with other countries.

Along with the theoretical data, this site offers coronavirus outbreak data in the form of graphs. And this site provides logarithmic graphs rather than simple graphs. Simple graphs are well enough to show large data but through logarithmic graphs, we can even observe a very small fluctuation in the graph. This site provides the coronavirus data in the most technical form.

Johns Hopkins University Dashboards

Johns Hopkins University is an American university situated in Baltimore. This university provides online dashboards for the data of coronavirus. It is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in the USA. 

This site provides data in the form of maps so that a large amount of data can be displayed at a single time. Because of the graphical data, this site provides the most accurate results. To keep you aware of the current situation, this website regularly updates its data.

This site collects data from 17 different sources and displays them most quickly so that everyone can understand it without any problem or confusion. Most of the other coronavirus tracking websites collect data from Johns Hopkins University maps. So that makes this site the most trustable coronavirus tracking website.

HealthTap, World Health Organization, and NextStrains are some other sites that provide the latest updates about the Coronavirus outbreak. If You want to know the latest situation in the USA, you can visit any of the above-listed websites. 


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